I can not begin to say how much your support has meant to me during the past year.  I will forever be grateful for your generosity and knowledge and your willingness to share it all with me.  I could not have made this journey without you and I will never forget your input and guidance.

The next chapter is starting already!  I am already sitting in for county commission meetings leading up to the new year.  I want to thank all county staff and our current commissioners (Bill Monaghan, Pat Shenigo, Matt Old) for allowing me the chance to get up to speed with county operations.  I can not vote or take any action at this time, but I appreciate the opportunity to sit in on all discussions leading up to the start of my term.

I will be meeting with various community leaders and county department heads in the weeks heading up to January 1st in the hopes of starting or continuing "conversations" that will impact all residents in the county!





During the past 24 years as a radio journalist and News Director, I have had conversations with government officials as well as with business and industry leaders, education experts and social service agencies.  Because of these experiences, I was urged to run for this position by several local officials in Erie County because of my knowledge, skills and abilities. 

Other accomplishments and qualifications include:

Appointment to the city of Sandusky’s Bicentennial Marketing Committee

Appointment to the Perkins Township road improvement committee

Appointment to the Erie County LEPC (Local Emergency Planning Committee) – connected to the Erie County Emergency Management Agency

United States Coast Guard Master’s License (Boat Captain)

Volunteer Host of the annual Easter Seals Auction

Motivational Speaker for vocational training and career advancement (local school districts)

Moderator for various economic development seminars and forums (BGSU Firelands)


I am committed to strengthening Erie County’s workforce by investing in technical training programs.  I support ideas that will partner with our existing businesses, industry and education leaders to better prepare students for the 21st century.  I want better paying jobs for our families and I want to prepare students to be job ready right out of school.

I am dedicated to creating new and innovative programs, while working with local schools to educate our youth about the dangers of addiction.  I will also support our current addiction treatment and recovery programs.

I want more money in the pockets of our families.  By keeping our taxes low and working with local businesses we will attract more tourism.  More tourism creates a thriving local business environment.

I care deeply and support our community.  I consider myself a devoted member of our Erie County family and it would be an honor and a privilege to serve.


My Walking Tour of the county continues this weekend! 

To the thousands that have already taken the time to say hi and share their thoughts and ideas about how we can make Erie County the best county in the state to LIVE, WORK & PLAY - I offer my sincere thanks.  To those I will talk with during these next few weeks, I can't wait to continue the conversation!


I had a chance to visit the 3rd annual Future Makers Showcase (Thursday, Oct. 11) at the EHOVE Career Center.  It was an incredible display of the what our region has to offer in regards to jobs, careers and workforce training!

Part of the hands on fun for kids of all ages!

Thanks to EHOVE for hosting and to the Erie County Economic Development Corporation and the Huron County Development Council for coordinating all of the businesses, schools and industry leaders who attended.

High-tech machines (LEWCO) being used in our area

Another piece of the conversation we will continue to have moving forward in order to make Erie County the best LIVE, WORK, PLAY area in the state.  Growing and improving on each of those components will help lead us into a very exciting future!

Hands on 3-D virtual reality demonstrations (Thanks Ben Smith w/EHOVE)


A great job by organizers of our Wednesday debate (Oct. 10), which was hosted at Townsend Community School.  BGSU Firelands and the Sandusky Register always do a great job with these events.  Special thanks to Pete Bartkowiak (Superintendent), Ryan Bohn (Principal) and Chris Gasteier (Vice-Principal) of Townsend Community School.  The facility is an amazing example of what conversations can lead to.  We are lucky to have the facility, staff and students all together right here in our back yard - simply awesome! 

Thanks to the Huron Chamber of Commerce and the Huron Library for hosting their candidate night event at McCormick Junion High in Huron.  It was great to see so many friends and great to meet so many new ones!

Thanks for "joining the conversation!"

The Sandusky Register is hosting a debate on Wednesday, October 10 at 1 PM at Townsend School in Castalia.  If you can't make it there in person, the Register will record the event and share on their website.


My walking tour throughout the county continues.  Thanks to all who have taken a few moments to chat along the way.  Great conversations indeed!!

I not only need your vote, but I also need your continued guidance and wisdom so that we can improve the county together!


Coming to a front porch near you..... that would be me!

I have had a great time walking all over the county meeting and talking to people and listening to their concerns, but I can still use your help.  If you have an interest in walking with me and sharing my message, please send me an e-mail (steve@voteshoffner.com) or find me and message me on Facebook.  We will provide you with everything, we just need about an hour or so of your time.

We were in Huron recently and had a great time talking with so many people. 

Thanks to Ohio Representative Steve Arndt and his volunteers who were out with us all over Huron.

Yard signs are also available.  Let me know if you would like to have one (or more).  Help others "join the conversation" by getting my name out there in as many places as possible.


Thanks to everyone who joined the conversation over the Labor Day weekend at the Milan Melon Festival.  It was a great opportunity to learn first hand what the great people of this county are doing to make it such a wonderful place to live.  I also heard the concerns of those same residents in regards to areas of county operations that they feel can be improved.  Well said by all and message received!



Good conversations with Ohio Attorney General and Ohio Governor Candidate Mike DeWine and his wife Fran and with Erie County Auditor Rick Jeffrey


I have been busy during the past few months meeting with various community and industry leaders who work and live in Erie County.  So far, my conversations have been with the great people who work in many different finance, real estate, maritime and construction businesses.  I am also talking with government leaders, both elected and appointed, from all across the county. 

I will continue to reach out to local business and community leaders to listen and learn about their concerns during the run up to election day. 

We must work together to find ways to allow residents to do what they do best, which is running their own businesses.  Government leaders must learn to "get out of the way" of those who are proving to be successful leaders in their industry or business category.

If your or someone from your business would like to talk - please reach out to me through this website or on my facebook / twitter pages or by clicking on the e-mail link below.  Joining the conversation with me will help us lead the county as a whole into a bright and exciting future.




I am running for a seat on the Erie County Commission, because I want to use the skills I have learned during the past 24 years – listening, learning and communicating – to better position the county financially and operationally moving into the future.

I have been the News Director at WLEC and WCPZ radio stations in Sandusky for the past 24 years.  During that time, I have met with hundreds of local community leaders and government officials.  Those conversations were with local positions, county leaders, state law makers, governors, members of congress and U. S. Senators.  They taught me how to listen, learn, engage and communicate their thoughts and ideas to my listeners in a way that had to be efficient and well planned.



Erie County Commissioners find themselves with a chance to lead all areas of the county into the future regarding public services, government operations and fiscal responsibility.  I am asking you to “join the conversation” and share your thoughts and ideas about why you chose to live in Erie County and why you are proud to call this county our Home and perhaps more importantly how can we make it better?


I pledge to you that I will listen to those ideas and I will share them and use them not only on a county level, but I will also share them with our community partners, our cities, villages, townships and even with our surrounding counties.  Erie County is only as strong as a sum of all its parts.  When they succeed, the county succeeds, but if they falter on any level, the county falters as well.  The time for talking about teamwork and cooperation has passed.  It is now time for action.


During the next few months, I will be meeting and talking with as many people as I can to let them know why I am running for the County Commission Seat and what my goals and plans are when I am elected.  Those face to face efforts however, will not be enough.  I will also need the support of people like you, both financially and in person whenever possible especially at the polls in November.

Please explore our website and share its contents with your friends and family.  Be sure to join me on our various social media platforms as well as we work together to bring a brighter future to OUR home.

Together we can make a difference!

Please join the conversation to make sure future generations can fully benefit from the good, honest and hard work we can all do for them now.

On November 6, 2018 vote for Steve Shoffner
for Erie County Commissioner

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