Issues & Priorities


Overall Operations

Erie County has taken a prudent financial approach toward overall operations, making decisions based on what is in the best interest of the county financially, without fully consulting or considering how those decisions might impact the long-term relationships the county has with its cities, villages, townships or surrounding counties.  Walls do still exist between political sub-divisions in the county, something I will try to eliminate when I am elected as your next commissioner.  I will act to make sure we all have a strong and vibrant future that champions Erie County and all its parts making us the best place to LIVE, WORK and PLAY.

Regional Water

No local political sub-division has taken the lead on any discussions related to a true regionalization of water or sewer operations.  As your next commissioner, I will take the lead in that conversation which could ultimately create a new and separate regional entity for water and or sewer operations.  Initial talks will not include operational decisions, rather oversight, planning and creation.  Discussions must start soon to determine how best to proceed, because not acting in a timely manner will lead to the county falling behind other regional water operations that have already been created to our east and west.

Opioid Crisis

Erie County and its health department have taken a very positive approach toward dealing with the opioid crisis, which has hit our county particularly hard during the past few years.  I will do everything I can to continue making sure residents in need can enter the county’s circle of care, which provides a pathway toward recovery for those most at risk in our communities.  As your next commissioner, I will lead the way in soliciting funding for our recovery efforts from other local, state and federal opportunities.  I will also focus on working with local school districts to strengthen and expand education and awareness campaigns.

Regional Financial Development

Erie County needs to be following the lead of its communities such as Sandusky, Huron and Vermilion, who are showing great positive momentum in the form of new economic development and fiscal responsibility.  The county needs to piggy back off those success stories by learning how their local achievements can be followed on a larger, county wide scale.  The county also needs to step in to help communities if things are not going well, in both large and small-scale issues.  The help does not have to be financial or operational; it can simply be the sharing of ideas.

Reaching Out to Those who Serve our Community

Erie County has many employees who each bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to their job.  As your next commissioner, I will cultivate a proud and strong work environment for those employees.   I will engage employees to learn how the county as a whole can benefit from their expertise and in turn improve the county’s operational efficiency.  We can also grow a true sense of community.


During the past 24 years as a radio journalist and News Director, I have had conversations with government officials as well as with business and industry leaders, education experts and social service agencies.  Because of these experiences, I was urged to run for this position by several local officials in Erie County because of my knowledge, skills and abilities. 

Other accomplishments and qualifications include:

Appointment to the city of Sandusky’s Bicentennial Marketing Committee

Appointment to the Perkins Township road improvement committee

Appointment to the Erie County LEPC (Local Emergency Planning Committee) – connected to the Erie County Emergency Management Agency

United States Coast Guard Master’s License (Boat Captain)

Volunteer Host of the annual Easter Seals Auction

Motivational Speaker for vocational training and career advancement (local school districts)

Moderator for various economic development seminars and forums (BGSU Firelands)


I am committed to strengthening Erie County’s workforce by investing in technical training programs.  I support ideas that will partner with our existing businesses, industry and education leaders to better prepare students for the 21st century.  I want better paying jobs for our families and I want to prepare students to be job ready right out of school.

I am dedicated to creating new and innovative programs, while working with local schools to educate our youth about the dangers of addiction.  I will also support our current addiction treatment and recovery programs.

I want more money in the pockets of our families.  By keeping our taxes low and working with local businesses we will attract more tourism.  More tourism creates a thriving local business environment.

I care deeply and support our community.  I consider myself a devoted member of our Erie County family and it would be an honor and a privilege to serve.


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